Add jobseeker portal rejection reasons



Why is this important?

You will need to add rejection reasons in admin settings, for staff to be able to action unsuccessful job applications made via the portal.

Adding rejection reasons in admin settings means your staff will have rejection options to choose from that are accurate, and customised to your organisation's business practices. Otherwise - the dropdown menu will be blank!

Nope..we don't want that either.

Let's get cracking, to make the most of this feature!

How it works

When a job seeker applies to a job via the portal, the job application will be flagged as a self recommendation on the Recommendations list page. 

Your staff click on the Action button on the self-recommendation record to add a result to the application.


If the applicant is not suitable for the position, the staff member will reject the applicant. And choose from a dropdown menu of rejection reasons - these are what you must set up in admin settings.

Buyer beware! An email gets dispatched to the job seeker whenever a rejection is actioned.

The rejection reason will be displayed in the email, pictured.


Ensure your rejection reasons are clear and suitable to be seen publicly.

Some common rejection reasons are:

  • Job no longer advertised
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Unsuitable for job
  • Unsuitable experience or qualifications
  • Insufficient resume or cover letter 
  • Insufficient reference 


How to add rejection reasons

You will need:

  • Admin settings
  • Jobseeker Portal activated on your site

    Contact job ready to discuss your options, and turn this on for you. 


  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on Job Seeker Suggestion Rejection Reasons
  3. Click on +
  4. Enter the rejection reason in the Name field
  5. Click Save

  • These reasons will now appear in the dropdown menu for selection

View and edit rejection reasons

  • View the rejection reasons you have added at any time, by accessing the Job Seeker Suggestion Rejection Reasons panel. It will showcase the following details:
  • Name
    • Edit a link by selecting the pencil button under the Actions column.
    • Delete a link by selecting the rubbish bin button under the Actions column.


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