Create Payment Types in Admin Settings

Why is this important?

Setting up payment types lets your staff record the method of payment in the expenses they raise.

Setting up payments types will also enable your users to record credit card information and bank information in the expense records, if applicable.


How it works

Payment types that you create in Admin settings will be the options in the Payment Type dropdown menu that users can select from when they create an expense. If 'Must select expense credit card' or 'Must select bank details' is ticked, the creator of the expense must also provide credit card or bank details in the expense. 

How to configure Payment Types

Set up your own payment types by following the below steps:

You will need:

  • Admin access


  1. Click on the settings cog icon at the top of the Job Ready main menu to access Admin settings 
  2. Click on Payment Types
  3. Click on +
  4. Enter the payment types details in the appropriate fields

    1. Name of the payment type as it will appear when a user raises an expense
    2. Sets a default supplier, When this payment type is selected in an expense the default supplier will automatically populate the supplier field. 
    3. Clears the default supplier saved for this payment type
    4. Navision Code
    5. Checking this will ensure that when a user creates an expense with this payment type, a field to enter the credit card-specific credit card being used will be displayed for selection. The credit cards available for the user to select in this dropdown menu will derive from the settings you have set up in Configure credit cards in Admin settings.
      • We recommend ticking this if you are creating a payment type relating to credit cards or e-payment. 
    6. Checking this will ensure that when a user creates an expense with this payment type, fields to enter bank details will appear in the expense modal for the user to fill out.
      • We recommend ticking this if you are creating a payment type that requires bank details to be recorded and stored on the expense record. 
    7. Can be exported to NAT
    8. Defines that GST is not applicable for this payment type. When this payment type is selected when raising an expense it will not contain GST. 
    9. Deactivate the payment type by unchecking the ‘Active’ checkbox in the payment type modal. It will take the payment type off as an option when creating expenses. 
      • Checking Active will activate the payment type for:
        • Jobseeker reimbursement bank account capture/storage
        • Export to bank file
        • GST not applicable
        • Credit card selection 
  5. Select Save


View and edit Payment Types

  • View the payment types you have created by selecting Payment Types in admin settings at any time. A panel with the payment types will be displayed with the following details:
  • Edit the payment type by selecting the pencil button under the Action column.
  • A record cannot be deleted. To remove it from the system deactivate it by unticking the Active check box in its settings. 


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