How to create a ParentsNext subscription

Why is this important?

No more creating records on two separate platforms. When you sync your ParentsNext ESS subscriptions, all your data appears in Job Ready every day, effortlessly. You can start managing large catalogues of jobseekers, employers, and vacancies. You can sync: 

  • Claims
  • Vacancy Placements
  • Activity (Education) Placements 
  • Referrals
  • Jobseekers 
  • Appointments
  • Vacancies


How to create a subscription 

You will need:

  • ParentsNext programme enabled in your Job Ready site.
  • ESP access in ESS web: Ensuring your reporting role is 'ESP'



  1. Login to ECSN, and click on 'Employment Services Reporting'. 
  2. Select Reports from the main menu.
  3. In the search bar under Reports, search for the Subscription Code that corresponds to the data you want in Job Ready.

Activity Management

Activity Placement

Activity Referrals




 Vacancy Placements

ParentsNext Provider Tags

Sub376 (PNE04)


Sub366 (PNE05) 


Sub346 (PNE03)





      4. Click on the Sonar icon of the desired subscription report


5. Select the filters corresponding to the desired subscription. The table below lists the filters you will need to select for each subscription.

Sub346 (PNE03) Caseload

Sub376 (PNE04) Activity Management

Sub366 (PNE05) Activity Referrals

Sub406 Vacancy Placements Referrals

Sub349 Claims

Sub358 Appointments

Parent Next
Provider Tags


at: all

Site: all

Timing: daily

Region: All Selected

Site: All Selected

Region: All Selected

Site: All Selected

Sites: AllSelected

SiteType:VacancyOwning SiteVacancyResult:AllSelected

Vacancy Type: AllSelected


RollingRangeOrExact Range: Rolling Range

Rolling Range: All Available

Region: All Selected

Site: All Selected

Claim Type: All Selected

Claim Status: All Selected

Report Period: Claim Creation Date

Date Range: Rolling Range

Rolling Range: All AvailableExactDate:01012000-01012030

LGA: All Selected
Site: All Selected
Site: All Selected
Category:All Selected 


      For subs requiring a date range filter, you must enter the dates as below:

Start date: The date you want the data to sync from. For example, appointments will only appear in job ready from 1/6/2021 if that is entered the start date.


End date: 30/1/2050. This ensures the subscription is continuous.

      7. Enter your organisation's details.

      8. Enter the Subsciriton name in the following format:

 <subscriptioncode>-<Provider Name>-DDMMYYYY


      9. Click on View Report.
      10. Once the success message appears confirming the creation,  navigate back to the ESR homepage.  


      11. Select 'Subscriptions' from the main menu.

      12. Navigate to the Subscription just created and click Manage. 

      13. Copy the 6-digit code ending the URL.

      14. Fill out this form including all details -

You're done! Now you can relax...We'll take care of the rest!

A Job Ready staff member will be in touch when your subscriptions are ready to test in your staging site.

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