Creating a New Placement

This article is only relevant to those who are DES providers. 

Here we will take you through the steps to create a placement in JR Live. Should you be unable to create a placement in JR Live please contact your administrator to edit the capabilities in your user profile. The user permission Can Create a DES Placement needs to be enabled for you to proceed.  Contact job ready to activate this feature for you. 

  1. From the index list select Placements, then New DES Placement.
  2. New DES Placement window will appear.
    Note: Please fill in all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk
  3. Under Placement Type you will be able to select from three options in the drop down.
    1. Vacancy and Education Placement
      Please fill in the Job Seeker, Placement Site, Site Specialisation Vacancy followed by Vacancy Referral Result (her you can enter the job title or ID)
      Note: A vacancy must exist in JR Live. Should the desired vacancy not be available to select please create the vacancy. If you have any further queries lodge a ticket in zendesk. 
    2. Vacancy Placement
      Vacancy field is required
    3. Education Placement
      Activity ID field
  4. Select Create Placement.


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