In the Users tab of JobReady Live you are able to update a user's details and manage certain permissions.



  1. Site
    You can assign a User to a Site. This will affect certain things, such as Reporting and Filtering.

  2. ESS Identifier
    You can assign an ESS Identifier to a User. This is the 2 Letter + 4 Number mnemonics that you use to log in to ESS. We use this field to match users against their caseload. 

    Note: If this field is not filled, then the Job Seekers would not be assigned a Case Manager. To amend this, simply update this field and JobReady.Live will update the following day.


  3. Expenses Approval Limit
    You can assign an Expense Approval Limit to a user. This allows him/her to be selectable via drop down as an Approver if the amount is within the range specified.



  4. Permission Flags
    There are several Permission flags that affect users' access to certain features, regardless of User roles.

    If the following are ticked, the user gains access to the corresponding feature.

    • Second approver
      Some organisations have a two-step approval process for their expense process. Enabling this flag allows the user to "Second Approve" an expense.

    • Vacancy ESS Service
      You can send Vacancies from JobReady.Live to create them in ESS. This flag allows a user to send Vacancies to ESS via our web API.


    • Can Stop PPS Schedule
      Having this flag enabled allows a user to put an end to a scheduled PPS.


    • Manage National/Regional Employers
      Having this flag enabled allows a user to Create/Update/Manage Associations for National and Regional Employers.


    • Active
      An inactive user is not shown in drop downs, such as expense approval or search filters.

  5. Email Signature
    Email signatures are used to set a signature when sending emails to any entities in JobReady Live. This setting is unique per user.

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