Wage Subsidies: Adding a Wage Subsidy Request

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Job Ready offers a Wage Subsidy Management Tool which sits against a Job Seeker Record. This tool allows for Wage Subsidy Requests to be created and managed through to approval based on specific criteria. This article walks you through the steps of creating a Wage Subsidy Request.


Creating a Wage Subsidy Request

Wage Subsidy Requests are added to the Job Seeker record. 

  1. Go to a Job Seeker record, scroll down to the bottom panel, and and click on Wage Subsidies in the sidebar.
  2. Click the button next to Wage Subsidy Requests
  3. Begin filling out the Modal
    • Select Placement and Wage Subsidy Type

Note that the Wage Subsidy Amount can only be edited if the Wage Subsidy Type is Variable


If an Eligibility Questionnaire is required:

If an Eligibility Form is configured in the Wage Subsidy Agreement, click Check Eligibility to complete the form.

If Eligible, Assessment Outcome will show Eligible and a Wage Subsidy Request can be created.

If Ineligible, the Assessment Outcome will show Ineligible. The Wage Subsidy cannot be created and can only be closed.


If an Eligibility Questionnaire is not required:

If an Eligibility Assessment is not configured in the Wage Subsidy Agreement, you will be able to create a Wage Subsidy Request straight away.



Once created, the Wage Subsidy Request will be automatically sent to the Site Manager of the Job Seeker Site. The Status will be automatically updated to First Approval Required.

You can view the request from both the Wage Subsidy Request List Page by going to Job Seekers > All Wage Subsidy Requests or on the Job Seeker Show Page under Wage Subsidies.

The First Level Approver will also receive a notification by email and will see the Widget on the Dashboard.


What's next?


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