Wage Subsidies: Adding Payment Schedules

Adding Payment Schedules

So the Wage Subsidy Request is ready to proceed! This guide will walk you through the final steps of the Wage Subsidies process - Adding the Payment Schedule, the creation of Expenses, and Generating Invoices.


You will need:

  • Your Employment Fund team members to have the Employment Fund permission ticked in their User settings.

Adding a Payment Schedule

  • Go to the Wage Subsidy Requests List Page and filter the requests ready for Schedules to be added.
    1. Payment Schedule Exists?: No
    2. Status: Proceeding


  1. Click on Add Payment Schedule on the relevant request from either the List Page or from the Job Seeker Show Page.


  1. Select the Payment Schedule Template from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select a Contact for the Employer to receive an invoice template.
  2. The Agreement Start Date defaults to today’s date and can be adjusted if required by clicking on the Calendar icon or typing a date in the field.


  1. Click Add Payment Schedule. The following will occur once created:
    • An email to the Employer Contact selected against the Wage Subsidy Request outlining the agreed Payment Schedule
    • Expenses will be automatically created with the Wage Subsidy Payment information.
    • An invoice template will be linked from the Payment Schedule template.
      • Email notifications will additionally be sent when an expense falls due.
    • Where an Expense reaches its due date, an additional email will be triggered to the Employer Contact linked to the Wage Subsidy Request.
      • This will include a link to an online portal only the specific email can access
      • The portal will contain an option to download the Invoice that is linked to the Payment Schedule and complete the required fields
      • There will also be an upload option for the Employer to provide the completed invoice on the portal which will upload directly into the Expense for that instalment and update the invoice details of the expense.
  2. You can view the Payment Schedule in the following areas:
    • On the Wage Subsidy Request by clicking View Payment Schedule.
    • On the Job Seeker Expenses Panel.
    • The Expenses List Page.

About Invoices

  1. If an Invoice Template is configured, it will automatically populate the Payment Schedule instalments into the invoice
  2. If no Template is configured, it will use the Job Ready standard Purchase Order template
  3. Email notifications when an expense falls due will be sent to the contact.

Generating an Invoice

  1. Go to a Wage Subsidy Expense
  2. Click Invoice Template
  3. Click Download

The completed template will download with all merge fields filled out accordingly.


Merge Fields for Wage Subsidy Payment Schedule

After a Payment Schedule has been created, an email is sent to the selected Employer’s contact. The email template can be configured by Admin users in Job Ready, but also includes merge fields for the Payment Schedule from the specific Wage Subsidy Request.

The email template can merge the following:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Payment Due Date


A User can set a template that will merge dates based on the number of instalments involved.


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