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Why is this important?

When using any digital platform for the purposes of job seeking - transperancy surrounding privacy may be a necessary component of maintaining compliance with government standards. 

That's why information on storage and exchange of a job seeker's personal information - Privacy Doucments-  are presented in the very first step of the portal journey.

Privacy documents are any department or internal materials that outline:

  • Collection of job seeker information by the Department of Employment, Small and Family Business (the department), and their contracted service providers.
  • The purpose for collecting jobseeker information.
  • Terms of Disclosure of information
  • Authtority to contact terms
  • The department’s Privacy Policy or links
  • Third party consent for your ogrnaisation to disclose and store specific information
  • How to make a complaint and how to access and correct personal information

You may opt to present your clients with any of the information, or not to.

Skip this step if you do not want any privacy documents as part of the job seeker portal workflow.

How it works

Once a job seeker first sets up their password to their portal - they must read, and accept the privacy documents in order to access the portal.

Admin settings lets you set:

  • Which privacy documents you want the job seeker to read 
  • Define which documents they must read, according to thier programme
  • Determine if reading and understanding the document is compulsory to progress with the portal or optional.

How to upload privacy documents

You will need:

  • Admin settings
  • Privacy documents feature activated on your site.
    Contact job ready to activate this feature on for you. 
  • Department materials, or Privacy or Consent documents-  if applicable

  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on Jobseeker Portal Privacy Documents
  3. Click on +
  4. Enter the appropriate fields in the modal, as below:

    1. Name of the form / Heading
    2. Indicate if reading / understanding the documents is a mandatory requirement.
      Select one of the following:
      • Mandatory: The job seeker will only be given the option to click that they have read and accepted the contents of the document. 
      • Optional: The job seeker will only be given the option to:
        • Click that they have read and accepted the contents of the document OR
        • Click they prefer to discuss the document at thier next appointment
      • This means the job seeker can discuss the document in person, with thier case manager, if they have difficulty understanding any of its contents.
      • Even if the document is set to Optional, the job seeker must still click on ONE of the buttons in order to be granted access to the portal.

        None: This will remove the document from the portal, and only be displayed in admin settings as a draft.
    3. Indicated which programme(s) that the document will be available for.
      • Example: Ticking TTW and DES means that this will be only displayed for job seekers within TTW and DES programmes. 
    4. Short instructions to the job seeker and/or description of the document's contents.
    5. Short consent statement for the job seeker to use as a guide, and/or more information on the purpose of the document. 
    6. The privacy document file, in .doc or .pdf file format. Click upload, and select the file from your browser window.

  5. Click Upload Privacy Document

    Nice work!

Now your job seekers will be sufficiently informed to actively use the portal.  

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