I can see duplicate records, and I need it deleted or merged.

Occasionally you may find that you accidentally create multiples of the same file, or similar Job Seeker/Employment/Supplier records with different Job Seekers.

At the moment, it is not possible for you to remove or merge those files, so while we ask you to remain vigilant, we can do an update for you if you send us a request. But unless it is affecting your workflow significantly, such requests are generally considered low priority.

Examples of high priority data maintenance:

  • A data import, whether requested by you or caused by an import from ESS has caused numerous duplicates, making it difficult for you to work with the existing data set.

Examples of low priority data maintenance:

  • A user has mistakenly missed a Job Seeker ID when inputting details for a walk in Job Seeker. His ID is supposed to be 98765431, but was put as 987654321 instead. Our team will get to it when we're available, but we will prioritise more impactful requests first.

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