Configure job seeker terms and conditions



Why is this important?

Some organisations need  their jobseekers to accept job portal terms and conditions of use, for compliance purposes. If this is you - we have enabled the ability for you to enter your terms so that you are meeting your obligations. 

You have the option to enter any text that describes the legal obligations and associated penalties for not meeting these obligations, when accessing data about government employment programs.


How it works

Job seekers must indicate that they agree to the terms and conditions related to using the job seeker portal as a digital platform when they first set a password for the job seeker portal.

The terms and conditions text will appear for them to read in a new window- if they click on the hypertext 'Terms and Conditions.' 


How to Configure job seeker terms and conditions

You will need:

  • Admin settings
  • Jobseeker Portal activated on your site

    Contact job ready to discuss your options, and turn this on for you.

  1. Click on the admin settings cog located at the top of the job ready main menu
  2. Click on Jobseeker Portal Privacy Documents
  3. Click on +
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the modal, to Jobseeker portal terms and conditions field
  5. Enter the portal use terms and conditions text.
    This is only necessary if you have job seeker terms and conditions requirements that you are obligated to include.
  6. Click Save


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