This record is supposed to be X, but JobReady is showing Y.

A question that we often receive,

"In ESS, Mr. Job Seeker is Commenced, but JRLive is still showing exited. How can we amend this?"

Please note that in order for us to process your data, we have a very specific set of data import rules to ensure that the records we display are the most recent and relevant. Sometimes, anomalies happen, and we may have to redesign our processes to adapt to such circumstances.

But in most cases, if it is just a data update or user error, we can assist you very quickly with these kinds of requests.

Generally, we would ask that you ensure that when creating such requests, in order to save your time and ours, that you provide:

Please make sure that you do not include the following details, as they are classified as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and is deemed confidential under IRAP policies:

  • Job Seeker ID
  • Job Seeker CRN ID
  • Job Seeker Date of Birth
  • Job Seeker Address
  • Job Seeker Contact Details (Email, Mobile, Landline)
  • Any other Contact Person's details (Email, Mobile, Address)

Wherever possible, please provide our agents the URL to the record in our system.

  • The details that you need corrected. For example:

"The Outcome Start Date is supposed to be 30/05/2017, but Job Ready is showing 05/03/2017.
Can you amend the data for me?"

By ensuring that all the details are present in your request, it will be much easier for our staff to assist you.

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