Job Ready Release Notes (30/11/2021)

Hi everyone. 

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.


A summary of what's changed...

  • Organisation Primary Contacts can no longer be deleted or deactivated.
  • Smart Forms are now available for Vacancy records.
  • Emails and SMS messages will now only be sent from Job Ready during specified Communication Policy time frames.
  • Job Seeker ID is now visible on the Outcome Tracker index page and can be included in a CSV export.


Primary Contacts

We've added protections to the Contacts section of an Employer record to ensure Primary Contacts can not be deleted or deactivated. Contacts can now only be deleted or marked as Inactive if they are not flagged as a Primary Contact.


Smart Forms for Vacancy Records

Smart Forms can now be configured for use on a Vacancy record. Select Vacancy from the Category drop-down menu to configure one of your Quest Forms as a Vacancy Smart Form. Like with other Smart Forms, Vacancy Smart Forms will also appear in the top ribbon.




Communication Policy - Emails and SMS

We are continuing to implement a Communication Policy within Job Ready which can be configured by Administrator users to suit business needs. Our latest addition to this feature is to restrict emails and SMS Messages being sent from Job Ready outside of a Communication Policy's specified hours. 

Any email or SMS communications sent outside of specified hours will be rescheduled for when the policy window re-opens.

Changes to Outcome Tracker 

A column for Job Seeker IDs has been made available on the Outcome Tracker Index Page. This information can also be included in an Outcome Tracker CSV export.

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