How to Download a BDF

Bulk Data Facility (BDF) is the source of truth in the Job Ready .
We download these files from the Employment Services Data Warehouse.

This article outlines how to retrieve these files.

Under normal circumstances, this process is automated, but for any anomalies, this article is how you retrieve the file to do an investigation or to run manually.

These BDF files are called "subs" which is short for subscriptions.

To download a BDF file go to and log into the clients account.

Note: This must be done in an incognito window due to a bug that wont allow you to log into a different client due to cached files from the preview one.

You will also have to close each incognito window before login into a new clients account.


  1. Through the Portal website you must make sure to select Azure STSLive01.png

  2. Enter the login and password and click sign in.Live02.png

  3. After you login select the subscriptions option from the left.Live03.png

  4. You will now see a list of Sub files.
    Select the ones you need and make sure you have selects the latest snapshots.Live04.png

  5. After selecting the Sub files click the "Download Selected" option.
    This will download a zip file containing sub files in the form of CSVs.

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