Release notes

New index page: Reminders

There's some adjustments in the screen real estate.

We've moved the Job Seeker Portal reminders slightly lower, along with the introduction of an All Reminders page.

Reassign reminders to another User

You can now reassign reminders to another user.

This comes in handy when you need to inform a colleague that a task needs to be handed over, for example.

Ability to filter by Job Seeker name on Claim Index pages

A nice addition to the Claim index pages, you can now filter for Job Seeker Name.

This is available on both the CCU Claim Inbox index page and Claims index page.

Programme specific filters for CCU Team overview report and Daily Claims summary report

We've introduced a quick filter for programme within the CCU Team overview report and Daily Claims summary report.

This allows you to toggle between programmes and see how well your organisation is performing on each front.

New Appointment page for DES users, and ability to work with Notes against appointments

When engaging in Appointments with a Job Seeker, it is especially important for DES providers to ensure that the details of the appointment is recorded.

We have added an index page to display appointments, and the ability to directly link appointment to a Note.

Display attachments made against Appointment Notes on Job Seekers

Considering the importance of Appointment Notes, especially for DES Job Seekers, when an attachment is created against the Appointment's Note it is now displayed under the Job Seeker's attachment tab as well.

The type created will be of Appointment.

Ability to view linked Attachments from Reminders

We have now added the ability to view Attachments that are linked to correspondences that can be linked to aReminder.

Relabel of PPS modules as Support

Since there are multiple ways we can provide assistance to a Job Seeker, sometimes beyond the Post Placement Support phase, the label Post Placement Support has been changed to more correctly reflect the type of assistance that can be provided.

You will see across the system that the label is now called Support, and PPS is among one of such assistance that can be provided.

Chronological order of Recommendations list

The recommendations list on the Jobseeker Activity Stream is now sorted from Newest to Oldest.

Threaded SMS view

We have overhauled the way we display SMSes in the system.

It is now displayed as a conversation thread, alternating between messages sent and received.

With this view, you can look at messages which is neatly listed by content/reply and date of occurrence.

That concludes our Release Notes. 

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