Weekly Update - Release 3 of 2018

New EF types made available on Expenses

We have now included 2 new EF Types:

  • INTM - Indigenous Mentoring and Training
  • PIMC - Provider Indigenous Mentoring Capability

    These will now be selectable from the drop down and also exportable to XML for you to commit into ESS.

New fields for Expense Export to CSV

The following new fields are now exportable via the Export to CSV function.

  • Claim Amount
  • Company ABN
  • Company Contact Name
  • Company Email
  • Company External Reference
  • Company Fax Number
  • Company Phone Number
  • GST
  • Justification


A few months ago, we mentioned there is going to be a large update which will allow flexibility in your pages. This is a step further towards that, as we add more and more fields on to the Exportable and Filterables and we're really close to completing this feature, so stay tuned!

Assigning a Case Manager on Job Seeker creation

Occasionally you are required to create a Job Seeker, even before they are downloaded from ESS.

With this update, you can immediately assign a Case Manager so that the user can review their caseload earlier.

Note that when the data from ESS comes through, this will be replaced.


Ability to Reinstate Claim - CCU Kanban

When using the CCU workflow, you may come into a scenario where the Claim has reached the Cancelled state.

Sometimes, these states are not final and circumstances may change. For example, the Placement it was against was ended by mistake.

When this happens, we've now introduced the ability for users to reinstate the Claim so that they can proceed to work with it.

This ability is assigned on a per user basis, so you have to edit their profile as Administrators and allow them to have this ability.

As with any other interaction in the CCU Kanban, you will have to put a note to describe the reason for the state transition.

That concludes our release notes.

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