Weekly Update - Release 1 of 2018

Update on Claim Projection for jobActive

A few updates here:

  • The rates, as per ESS, have been updated to include an increase of 7.8%.
    - A Regional Indicator has also been updated in ESS, previously we had this flag to determine Remote Jobs but the value was incorrect. The team at ESS has updated this field, and we have now incorporated it to our claims calculation.

Differences as follows:

  1. If an Outcome Claim is projected to be Due after 01/01/2018, the amount will be increased by 7.8%.
    • Example: 
      • When a Full Payment Stream B Placement is created in JR, whose 4 week Claim Due date is on the 31/12/2017, the projected amount is $750.00.
      • If the Claim Due date is on the 02/01/2018, then the amount becomes $808.50.
      • This change will not affect Claims that are due before 01/01/2018.
  2. If an Outcome Claim is projected against a Placement whose Job Seeker has a Regional indicator, previously it was not taken into account. This will now be taken into account.
    • Example:
      • When a Full Payment Stream B Placement is created in JR, with a regional indicator,  previously the projected amount is $750.00
      • When a Full Payment Stream B Placement is created in JR, with a regional indicator,  now the projected amount is $938.00.
      • And if it is due after 01/01/2018, it will be $1011.16.

Access of Initial Assessment for Job Seeker moved

Previously you've had to create an Appointment for an Initial Assessment to be done on a Job Seeker.

This is no longer the case, we have now moved this to be available directly on the Job Seeker section. It should save you some time, if you use this feature.

Bugfix: Ability to send Job Seeker Portal invitation via SMS even if email is not present

Previously it was not possible to send a Portal invitation via SMS if the Job Seeker does not have an email address, it would have thrown an error.

This is now amended.

Interpreter Language is omitted when the required language is English

Previously, the wording used to display Interpreter Language includes English.
This is incorrect, and have now been amended.

When the interpreter required is English, it will now be omitted on the Info panel, and will say None on the personal data panel.

Ease of access to Invoice attachments on Expenses

We have now made the Invoice details to have a shortcut on the Expense index page.
This should allow you to easily access the document without having to go into the Expense's details.

Ease of access to Note details
We've heard your concerns that Notes, especially ones with templates, may be difficult to view.

We have now included the View button to display this nicely, directly from the Note record itself. You may barely notice it, but previously, you've had to hit the edit button to do this. And don't worry - of course you can also still edit the notes.

That concludes our release notes.

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