JobReady.Live Release Notes - 04/12/2017

Ability to move modals around 

 Previously, when you are editing a file note for example, you may feel inconvenienced that you are unable to see the values behind.

With this feature, you should be able to look back on the fields by adjusting the position of the pop up modal.

Declaration of mentoring time usage for Indigenous Mentoring Activities
When creating an Indigenous Mentoring Activity, you will now be prompted a text to indicate your usage of mentoring time.

We're aware that this is currently mandatory but do not work with some organisations' workflows, so we will loosen the constraint on our next release to include the ability to make this field non-mandatory.

New exportable field for Expense Exporter
We've added a new field to the 
Expense Exporter, which is the Claim ESS Identifier.

Multi Select for Job ID filter
Another filter is improved this week, which is the Job ID filter.

You can now enter multiple Job IDs on to it.

Filtering in the Admin section

You can now filter for Sites in the Admin area.

New values for Placement End Reason
We've had some requests to add values for a Placement's 
End Reason, so we've added some this week.

Ability to sort fields for Placements and Notes
We've added the ability to sort fields for a few more pages now, Placements and Notes. As mentioned last time, these fields also will serve as groundwork for an upcoming feature.

Ability to Filter for Filters

That's right, we've introduced a filter for filters.

This will allow you to search for a filter where there's a lot of dropdowns.

Display Privacy Documents in Job Seeker Portal
You can now view your privacy documents via the Document section on Job Seeker Portal.

Cancellation of Expenses that are Non-Employment Fund
Previously when creating an Expense for
 Non-Employment Fund e.g. Wage Subsidy, you would not be able to cancel it since it is considered a final state. This has now changed and you can cancel a Non-Employment Fund expense.

Display Supplier Legal Name
Some companies have different Trading Names and Legal Names.

It wasn't intuitive that you had to edit to view it, so we've displayed this information upfront.

Time Spent for Notes
An increasing usage of 
Time Spent to track appointments with Job Seekers was the reason behind this field. You can now select a Time Spent when creating notes. This is also to kickstart our development for DES, which will heavily involve time spent.

New Dashboard Widget for Scanned Documents to Action
You can now see Scanned Documents that require your attention on the dashboard.

It is a huge list, but certainly a good chance to adopt these new features to further improve your experience with JobReady.Live.

That concludes our release notes.

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