JobReady Live Release Notes - 25/10/2017

Expenses and Claims index page are now sortable

You can now sort each column in the Expense and Claims index page.

This is being gradually rolled out to different areas, with much more further improvements to come so please stay tuned to this space.

Expense Invoice Paid Confirmation Flag replaced with Date Supplier Paid

Previously, you are prompted to confirm that the Invoice has been paid when updating an Expense's Invoice Details.

We now capture this information by requiring you to enter the date the Supplier was paid instead, as this date is important in tracking this information.

Note that if you use the confirmation that the Invoice is paid, you can still find those records with the
"Invoice Paid?" filter.

Ability to filter Claims by Indigenous/Found Own Employment

A new filter has been added to allow you to filter Claims by Indigenous/Found Own Employment.

Adjustments to Ongoing Vacancy logic in Jobs Board
In order to ensure that the Ongoing Vacancy serves it's intended functionality, we have adjusted the logic slightly:

  • If an Ongoing Vacancy has seen no action for the last 30 days, it will now drop off the list.
  • If an Ongoing Vacancy is updated, it will then return to the top of the list

 Ability to filter for Ongoing Vacancies

In accordance to the update above, a new filter has been added to find Ongoing Vacancies.

This will allow you to find those Vacancies, even if it had fallen off the top.

Number of Documents on Scanned Documents

The scanned documents now show the number of documents, so you can identify how many different documents you have.

Display of Recommended by on the Employer Key Information Panel

We've added a field for Recommended By in the Employers' Referral Information.

That concludes our release notes.

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