JobReady.Live Release Notes - 17/10/2017

QR Code Covers for Placement Records

It is now possible to create a QR cover for a Placement record.
Similar to Job Seekers, you click on the "QR Cover" button and a cover page will be created for you.

For Placements, it is separated into stages of the Outcome, e.g. 4 weeks, 12 weeks, and 26 weeks, allowing you to easily categorize them.

QR Code to Generate Meaningful and Concise Filenames

Further enhancing our QR covers, the file generated now has an improved naming convention.

For example, a Job Seeker QR cover will have the name:


Similarly, a Placement would have:


This should make it easier for you to organise your files.

Claims show page to be accessible from various areas

You're now able to view a page containing key information for a Claim record.
We've implemented this across the system, please check it out.

Bugfix: Expense Type Filter

A minor bug was introduced where you can't filter by the Expense type.
This is now resolved.

Bugfix: Job Seeker Recommendations

Another bug we squash, where the Recommendations were unable to be resolved briefly yesterday.
This is now amended as well.

Bugfix: Count of Records from Reverse Marketing Report

Yet another small item, the Site filter was occasionally not giving you the same number as the filtered records.
This is now resolved.

That concludes our release notes.

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