JobReady.Live Release Notes - 10/10/2017

Display of Wage Subsidy info on Placement Record

A panel is now visible in the Placement record if it is eligible for Wage Subsidy.
To allow you to track the progress of the Placement, the following statuses are shown:

- Placement eligible for Wage Subsidy, without a Wage Subsidy Agreement ID or approval will be displayed in White(Eligible), indicating no progress has been made yet.

- Placement eligible for Wage Subsidy, with a Wage Subsidy Agreement ID but is awaiting approval will be displayed in Orange(Pending), indicating need of attention

- Placement eligible for Wage Subsidy, that has a Wage Subsidy Agreement ID and is approved will be displayed in Green(Approved), indicating well being.

Filter for Wage Subsidy 

In relation to the feature above, a Filter is also available to find Placements with varying states of Wage Subsidy.

Additional Merge fields for Notes

Similar to letters, we've now added a lot more merge fields for Notes.

Direct Link to expenses on your notification email

I'm sure finance users would be delighted for this - we've now added a direct link to the notification we sent if an Expense is created for your approval so you can go to the record directly from the email.

A welcome change, I'm sure.


Displaying FOE/Brokered for Claims

As Found Own Employment/Brokered is a critical piece of information when it comes to claims, we've exposed this field in the Claims index page. It will be included when you export to CSV as well.

Rework of GST calculations: Expense and Invoice GST are now separate

We have now updated some calculations around GST in Expense creation.

Previously if you created an expense, and then use our "Set to Purchase Order amounts" feature in the Invoice Details, it will then apply/ignore GST based on the initial Expense created.

By default, it will follow the GST value that is set upon Expense creation, but what changed is now you have the option to calculate GST inclusion/exclusion on setting the Invoice amount independent of the Purchase Order.

On top of that, this is also done to ensure that the XML Export file created that you need to upload to ESS does not have differing values between the PO and the Invoice.

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