JobReady.Live Release Notes - 29/09/2017

Site Dashboard
A new feature is now available: 
Site Dashboard.

We have carefully picked the main performance driving values and displayed them in a way that will aid you in identifying key items.

It is separated into 6 main headings:
  • Top Actions
    This area shows you some very commonly queried items, such as 
    Open Vacancies, ETS Placements, and 
    • Outstanding Claims.
      Clicking on each of the numbers will bring you into their respective index page with filters applied.

  • Caseload Management
    • This area helps you see what stage your Job Seekers are at.
      It shows 
      Pending, Exited, or Commenced Job seekers within the past 7 days.
    • Similarly, clicking on the numbers will bring you into their respective index page with filters applied.
  • Employer Engagement
    • Employer Engagement lets you gauge how well you interact with host employers, represented in a list of values and graphs such as Open Vacancies, Referrals that are Expected to Start, and Placements with a Wage Subsidy.
    • The graphs and charts also represent how well you're able to transition those Vacancies into aPlacement tracking towards an Outcome, such as Brokered vs Found Own Employment and a grouping of Placements by Stream.
    • Clicking on the numbers, or the selected section on the graphs will bring you to their respective index page with filters applied.
  • Retention
    • The Retention panel shows how well you can retain your Outcomes.
      Numbers include 
      Active Employment and Education PlacementsPPS countFall off counts, and a comparison of a number of Full vs Partial Outcomes.
    • Clicking on the numbers, or the selected section on the graphs will bring you to their respective index page with filters applied.

  • Outcome Claims
    • Outcome Claims serve as a place to easily visualize the claims that are due/overdue/archived, separated by stages of 4/12/26 weeks. The graphs are clickable as well.
  • MTD Claims
    • MTD Claims is a breakdown of the revenue you get from claims for the month up to the current date, separated by the Claim Type.

Validation of Email Address before sending an Email

When sending an email, if you input an incorrect format, the system will now prevent you from doing so.

Ability to Reactivate an Inactive Job Seeker

If you were a JobReady.Live client from the start of the jobActive contract, some of your Job Seekers might have been migrated from a previous database.

You may be aware that 
Inactive Job Seekers do not allow you to perform basic operations such as attaching an attachment, this feature enables you to activate and treat them as a normal record.

Improvement of the Saved Search feature

We have a new look for the 
Saved Search feature.
It now clearly indicates the filters being saved, and there is a UI update for your saved filters and it also enables you to remove unwanted filters.

Expense Audit Trail to include individual Line Items

The expense 
Audit Trail now also includes changes made to individual Line items.

Fix on removing options selected on a multi-select option
A minor, albeit important update, you can now visibly see the X button used to remove a selection when using multi-select filters.

New filters for Indigenous Mentoring Activity

The following filters have been added to Indigenous Mentoring:

  • Status
  • Actioned by
  • Actioned At

Comments are now also displayed within the page, as a hoverable question mark.

Categories for Note Templates
We have now added 
categories when creating a Template for Notes, similar to other templates.

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