JobReady.Live Release Note - 28/08/2017

QR Code Scanning

You can now generate QR cover pages for Job Seekers and attach documents in bulk for them.
For more information, please refer to this article.

Letter Creation
You can now create Letters for key records, such as Job Seekers or Placements.

Alert for content replacement if a Template is selected
You may have noticed above that selecting a template prompts you an alert to confirm whether you want to replace all contents.

This is also enabled for entering Email templates now.

Remove a Saved Search
You can now remove a "Saved" saved search.

Autofill for Suburb Filter for Employers
The filter has been improved to assist you finding the suburb by narrowing down the search results.

Link to Placement from Claim index page
A link has been added to go to the Placement record from the Claim index page.

Separation of commonly used titles in dropdowns
  • We have now separated commonly used titles in all drop downs.
  • We have also allowed searching for titles.
  • This will make it easier for you to find the required values.

As a FInance User, you can now create Notes
Previously, we restrict users with the Finance role to create notes.
This restriction has been lifted, and now all user roles are able to create notes.

Color Code for Employer show page
We have introduced color coding to assist you with Reverse Marketing on the last release.
The same concept is now applied to the Employer show page.

Increase of Expense Approval limit for users
We previously restricted this amount to be $10,000, but found that there are valid cases where this may exceed the value. This restriction is now lifted.

Change in determining if a Placement is eligible for a Wage Subsidy
Previously, if a Placement is on Wage Subsidy, and it was then terminated for the following reasons:
  • Entered incorrectly, then removed
  • No longer eligible for Wage Subsidy
Jobready will still show that the Placement is eligible for Wage Subsidy

This is now amended so we capture any updates for a Placement's Wage Subsidy eligibility.

View other users' Bulk Actions as an Administrator
If you are an admin user, we have added the ability to view other users' Bulk Actions.
This will allow you to assist your Users if they have any queries about their Bulk Actions.

We have also added filtering on this page, so it is easier for you to search for specific actions.

Additional Filters for Contact index page
The following filters have now been added to the Contact Index page:
  • Occupations
  • Employer ANZSIC
  • Has Email Address? 

Ability to Email Employers from the Vacancy page
For convenience, we have now added the ability to send an Email for a Vacancy's Employer from the Vacancy record.

Update to the Position count on an Employer's Key Information
The field has now been updated to count what the Position Limit is within specific Occupations that the Vacancy has.

Previously, it was counting how many of those Positions are unoccupied.

In this example, there are 33 positions for the Accounting Clerk occupation.

With the previous value, if 11 of those positions are filled, the amount displayed would be 22, but now it will show the total which is 33.

Drag and Drop files when creating attachments

We've introduced drag and drop multiple files when creating attachments recently, and noticed some areas could benefit from having this feature modernized.

Drag and drop is now implemented to attaching items when creating emails as well.

Text display limit for an Indigenous Mentoring Activity's Justification

When inputting Details of Intervention that is over 1500 characters long, if you have the "Automatically Create Expense for Indigenous Mentoring" feature on, the system will now limit it and display a "..." to indicate that it contained more characters.

As always, you are able to see the full detail by clicking the view button on the Indigenous Mentoring.

Import of Managed By field for Placement Records

We now import the Placement's Managed By field automatically via the BDF process.

We have also been made aware recently that this field may indicate the original creator of the expense, instead of the user currently managing it, so to avoid overwriting values, we have implemented the following logic:
  • If the Placement's Managed By has a value input by a User, we won't update it.

  • If a Placement has no assigned Case Manager, we will pick the value provided to us from ESS as the Managed By

    That concludes our release notes.

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