JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 18/07/2017

Ability to Cancel Expenses when it is Withdrawn
We used to restrict cancellation of Expenses once it is in the Withdrawn state.

This is now possible if you are a "
Master Expense Editor", as introduced last release.

We will have expense documentation shortly in the knowledgebase so you'll be able to refer to it.

Vacancy Creation in ESS now requires the Minimum Wage Verified flag
Upon sending a Vacancy from JRLive to ESS, you now have to confirm that the Minimum Wage Verified flag is ticked.
An exception is on 
Internship and Seasonal vacancy types, where this option is not mandatory.

Expense XML Export File attribute change
There is a change to the format of the Export file generated to send a commitment to ESS.

This is now amended, and there should be no more failures on the upload facility.

Search All function to be Available to Finance Roles
Previously when searching for records while being logged in as a Finance user, you get a message saying you're not authorised.

We thought this wasn't cool so we've now amended it.

New column on Employer index page: Account Manager

A new column has been added in the Employer index page.

Ability to toggle email notification on a Vacancy Recommendation
We have added an optional feature to toggle between the system sending you a notification email when a Vacancy Recommendation is accepted/rejected.

By default, currently it will notify you, but if you opt to turn this feature off, you will not get notifications on acceptance/rejection of a Recommendation.

Additional info on Expense Page: Claimed On and Committed On
We now record the time a Commitment and Claim is made for an Expense record. It is displayed in the ESS Details panel.

Ability to attach multiple documents on an Email
When sending an email from JRLive, it is now possible to attach multiple documents.

Ability to Send Email in bulk
A couple weeks back we said we'll continue to expand on the bulk functions.

Again, we've got another addition to this, you can now send Email in bulk.

Bugfix: Repeat of page header when there are multiple pages in the Activity Stream
If you have a record that spans out to multiple pages, it used to re-render the page header and the plus button. This is now resolved.

This concludes our release notes.

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