JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 27/06/2017

Create Reverse Marketing Activity from an Employer
You can now record a Reverse Marketing activity against an Employer record. This now works both ways, so that from the Employer you can record which Job Seekers has been referred to it via Reverse Marketing.

Ability to Color Code Employers based on whether it is being managed
This is one of the features that are available on request.
You will 
not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

In order to make 
Employers visually identifiable for Reverse Marketing, color coding has been added to indicate the following states:

Green means the Employer has no Account Manager
Yellow means the Employer is being managed, but hasn't had a Note created against it for the last 30 days
Red means the Employer is being managed, and is currently being engaged (has Notes created against it within the last 30 days or less


New filters for Employer: Site Grouping, Suburb, and Vacancy Occupations
New filters have been added for the Employer index page.
You can now filter by the 
Site Grouping* and the list of Occupations that an Employer's Vacancieshave.

*Name varies based on your organisation's settings.

Click through records on the Jobs Board Report
it is now possible to click through the records in the Jobs Board report to be taken to the index page to see the list of records.

From the resulting page, you may want to further mix and match filters to obtain certain information, or export your search results to CSV, or simply head to individual ones that needs your attention.

Ability to hide/display Own Organisation, Provider to Pay, and Related Entity fields on expense creation
This is one of the features that are 
available on request.
You will 
not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

Different businesses may have different requirements, so you can now specify whether you want these fields to be shown to you when creating an expense.

That concludes our release notes. 

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