JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 22/06/2017

Audit Trail on Expense activity stream

An Audit Trail tab has been added to the Expenses area.

This will track all changes made to an expense.

Ability to create Expense without a Supplier
This is one of the features that are available on request.
You will not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

You can now create an expense without having to select a Supplier record.

What we've enabled is on top of our search bar, if you are unable to find the Supplier (whether via ABN or name), you are given the option to input one on the fly and this will then be saved as the Supplier for that expense.

Ability to create Invoice Details in Bulk

This is one of the features that are available on request.
You will not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

To save time, you can now add Invoice Details in bulk.
As an example, if you have a bunch of expenses that are already approved and invoiced, you may want to put details on to all of them at once, as illustrated below.

Removal of restriction on editing an Expense
Previously, we restrict editing on certain Export States (e.g. if it is in the Exported for Commitment state)

We've added the Audit Trail, and with that you can comfortably edit an Expense's details at any time.

In order to Edit an Expense details regardless of state, you need an Admin User to grant you this permission.

With it, you are able to edit an expense at any point of time, and all of the changes will be visible in the Audit Trail.

Link to Job Seeker record in ESS from the Job Seeker show page
You can now directly go to a Job Seeker's ESS page from JobReady.Live.
The Job Seeker ESS ID now serves as a link and you can directly head there if you are logged in.

Automatic Expense Creation when approving an Indigenous Mentoring activity

This is one of the features that are available on request.
You will not see this unless you send us a request to enable it.

When creating an Indigenous Mentoring Activity, it is now possible to automatically create an Expense with all the relevant details.

The resulting expense will derive all the values from the Job Seeker and the Settings specified in the Indigenous Mentoring Admin area.

Widget for Indigenous Mentoring to Approve
A new widget has been created on the Dashboard for Indigenous Mentoring.
As usual, this serves as a reminder to show you Indigenous Mentoring activities that require your attention.
Just to remind you, Indigenous Mentoring are to be approved by the Site Manager of the Job Seeker's site.

Done with the expense stuff, and now we have..

New Export field for PPS Tracker: PPS Managed By
A new export to csv field has been added for PPS Managed By from the PPS Tracker page.

New Email Merge Field : Job Seeker ESS ID and Current User Job Title
Two new merge fields has been added for email templates.

New Filter: Exclude Do Not Use

A few weeks back we introduced a flag to mark Employers as DO NOT USE.
This filter finds those which are marked with/without this flag.

Ability to send Email in bulk
Not only Invoice Details, Emails are now also available for sending in Bulk.

Print Jobs Board in PDF Format
A Print button has been implemented in the Jobs Board area.

You can now generate a PDF format that can be printed.

Amendment of the word "Company" on "Supplier" records
Previously, we displayed Supplier as Company details. This is now amended.

Closing a Vacancy will automatically resolve all Recommendations 
When a Vacancy is Closed, whether it is via an update from ESS or a manual update, all Recommendations will be resolved, as illustrated below.

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