JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 07/06/2017

What's new in JobReady Live?

Support Button and Helpcentre Update

Prior to lodging a support request, you can now search our knowledgebase to see if your question has been covered. As usual, you are still able to lodge queries, but we encourage users to utilise the existing knowledge articles before reaching out.

The helpcentre itself is located on, and it does not require you to log in to access. If you do wish to lodge a request or respond to a discussion, however, you are required to log in.

Ability to filter Expense by Payment Type
We have added a filter to find Expenses by Payment Type.

Ability to view Reverse Marketing activities on the Employer record

A new tab has been added to Employer records, for Reverse Marketing.

Similar to the Job Seeker, you can see Reverse Marketing activities that are created against the Employer here.

Display of Employer Occupations on Key Information Panel

The Occupations for Jobs that an Employer hosts is now displayed in the Key Information panel. If an Employer is currently not hosting any jobs, this will remain empty.

Renaming of Vacancy Report to Jobs Board Report

Perhaps a good time to lightly mention this Report as well, the Vacancies Report is now relabelled to Jobs Board Report.

Just a reminder, this report displays some statistics around Vacancies, e.g. how many Job Seekers were recommended to Vacancies and how many of those recommendations turned into Placements. Since the functionality is very much related to the Jobs Board, it has been relabelled.

Finance Users to fully manage Suppliers

We have introduced an option to allow your Finance users to have full control over Supplier management.

This includes both Creation and any form of Update.

As you are aware, in JobReady.Live you are either an Admin, Site Manager, Finance, or User.

The implementation of this feature allows you to restrict Supplier management to only Finance users, and no other roles, including Admin, will be able to make changes to a Supplier.

If you wish for this feature to be enabled, please give your JobReady.Live administrator a call and we can arrange it for you.

Indigenous Mentoring user to receive email if Intervention rejected
Following up on last week's update to be able to approve/reject Indigenous Mentoring, if you utilise this workflow and have the Site Manager reject your Indigenous Mentoring activity, the user will now be notified via email.

SMS Tab on Contact page
A couple of releases ago, we introduced SMS via contacts by the green icon, visible below.
We have now added a tab to also allow viewing of SMSes created on the activity stream.

New merge field for Email: Current User Job Title

A new field has been added for email templates: Current User Job Title.

Bugfix: Expenses created with several empty records

Expenses that has the following values occasionally are saved with a blank on these values under certain operating conditions:

- Duration
- Date of Service

We have tightened the validations even more so this would no longer occur.

That concludes our release notes.

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