JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 17/05/17

What's new in JobReady Live?

Ability to use Merge Fields for various Templates

Templates for the following features can now be populated with merge fields:

  • SMS from the Placement, Employer, and Vacancy Referral
  • Email from the Vacancy Referral and Job Seeker

Just to remind you, this is an Administrator setting, you'll need to first set it up..

After setting it up, you can then use the template and it'll populate with the merge fields.

Ability to filter by Contract Referral End Date on Job Seeker index page
It is now possible to filter by Contract Referral End Date on the Job Seeker page.

Ability to filter by Employer Trading name on Outcome Tracker index page

It is now possible to filter by Employer Trading Name on the Outcome Tracker page.

New display field for Regional Employers

The field Region is now displayed in the Regional Employer view page.

Visual cue for Placement Status

When viewing a Placement record, the status is now displayed next to the Placement details.

This is done to easily identify the status of the Placement.

New export fields for Expense and Job Seekers

The following fields are now available for export:

  • Stream Services Commencement Date from Job Seekers

  • Finance Status from Expenses

Admin Setting for Jobs Board

For those of you using the Jobs Board, we have now enabled a setting where you can determine the range of available Jobs to show. This will allow you to determine how "fresh" your listed jobs are.

By default, it shows Vacancies created within 20 days.

That concludes this week's release notes.

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