JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 02/05/17

What's new in JobReady Live?
The following items are made available on the release:

PPS Tracker Page
A page to track all Job Seekers in PPS.

The main purpose of this page is to track how a Job Seeker's doing in terms of PPS contacts.
You may notice the bright red color, this indicates that a PPS is past the due date.

All features relevant to an index page are also available, such as filtering and exporting.
Quick filters are also enabled similar to the Outcome Tracker.

PPS Tracker Summary Report

This report goes hand in hand with the PPS Tracker page.
It displays a count of Job Seekers on PPS on different PPS Statuses, grouped by the Stream of the Jobseeker and further segregated by location e.g. National, State, and Regional.

The amount of records within each state is clickable, which will then direct you to the PPS Tracker page with the filters applied.

As an example here, we have chosen to find records with the following criteria:

  • All PPS Records for Stream A Job Seekers that are Overdue within NSW.

Indigenous Mentoring for Job Seekers

You can now record Indigenous Mentoring contacts against Job Seekers.

Simply click on the plus icon to add one.

An index page is also made available to see all Job Seekers that are currently engaged in Indigenous Mentoring.
As usual, it includes the functionalities such as filtering and exporting.

Shortcuts to send Email/SMS from various pages
We have implemented shortcuts to send emails and SMSes from various pages.
These are visible as the icon on the following pages:

  • Placement
  • Vacancy Referral
  • Employer

Improved display of Note tags
We have now made the display of Tags to be more pronounced for the notes.

It is now denoted with a gray box outline. This change is applied to all areas where Notes are displayed, such as the Notes index page or the Job Seeker notes.

Refined search criteria for Notes by Job Seeker ID
An update to our recently introduced Notes index page, upon searching with Job Seeker ID as the criteria, it will now include all Notes associated to the Job Seeker.

Previously, we could only find notes directly relating to the Job Seeker, but now we also include Notes for Expenses and Placements associated with the Job Seeker.

Employer Comments to display as PPS Alert
We have now added the ability to add a comment that may serve as a reminder for an Employer's specific contact preferences.

It is also displayed on the PPS panel if the Employer has a Job Placement.

New Filter and Export Fields for Placements
It is now possible to filter by Outcome Not Payable Reason and include this field in an export for Placements.

New field and Export Fields for Expenses

It is now possible to filter by Finance Status and include this field in an export for Expenses.

New Filter and Export Fields for Notes
It is now possible to filter by Employer ID and include this field in an export for File Notes.

That concludes this week's release notes.

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