JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 20/04/17

What's new in JobReady Live?

The following items were completed on the release:

Notes Index Page
A new index page has been introduced: Notes.
It has the same functionality as other pages, so you can filter and export the results to CSV.

Search for Partial and Full Names using the global search
Previously, when searching for names partially using the global search on the sidebar, you would not get the desired results if you type partial searches. We've heard some feedback around this and have now enabled the system to search more comprehensively.

Ability to Filter on Created Date on PPS Tracker page
An additional filter for Created Date is now available on the PPS tracker page.

Ability to Filter on Time in Programme on Job Seeker index page
An additional filter for Time in Program has been added to the Job Seeker index page.

Display Outcome Not Payable reason on Placement show page
The field Outcome Not Pay Reason is now displayed on the Placement show page.
This makes it easier for you to identify Placements whose claims are marked as non-payable in ESS.

Label change on Vacancy Creation: Job Title

We've had some feedback that Title may be confusing to users since it can be misinterpreted as honorifics (Mr/Mrs).
The text "Title" has been renamed to "Job Title" when creating a Vacancy.

Additional fields on Placements Exports
It is now possible to export the following fields from the Placement page:
  • Placement Start Date
  • Job Seeker Stream
  • Placement End Date
  • Outcome Not Pay reason

Bugfix: Non-integer value on Expense Duration
Previously, it was occasionally possible for a user to input decimals or text in the Duration field on some Expenses. (e.g. Professional Services)

e.g. 50.00 or 50 minutes instead of 50.

This is no longer possible to prevent an EF Commitment from failing in ESS.

That concludes this week's release notes.

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