JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 06/04/17

What's new in JobReady Live?
The following items were completed on the release:

Ability to toggle between One or All Placement Notes and PPS
You can now toggle between one or all Placement Notes and PPS to view.
This is done to remove confusion when looking at details on Job Seekers that has multiple placements.

Tracking of Placements with Education Attainment Outcome 
Previously, we introduced the import of Education Outcomes.

Education Participation Outcome placements were showing on the Outcome Tracker.

However, a certain condition was preventing those with the Outcome Type of Education Attainment Outcome to not be displayed in the Outcome Tracker, even if they had tracking claims.

This is now rectified.

Ability to create and use templates when sending an SMS
If you have the SMS feature enabled, it is now possible to create templates, similar to Note templates to use when sending SMSes.

Ability to withdraw Expenses in Bulk
After Withdrawing an Expense in JobReady.Live, you will notice that the export state transitions to Ready for Withdrawal.

How you use this workflow may vary, but one example case is as follows:

  • Withdraw the Expense in JobReady, and the Export State becomes Ready for Withdrawal.
  • Withdraw them in ESS.
  • You can then set the export state to Withdrawn in bulk in JobReady so you can track which ones you've withdrawn in ESS.

This feature is Optional and can be enabled upon request. Please contact your JobReady administrator to have it enabled.

Update on Placements not captured on 28/03/2017

We have received some reports on Placements not being captured during the delay we received from ESS on 28/03/2017.

These are now rectified, but in the unlikely event you see more missing records please contact your JobReady administrator.

That concludes this week's release notes.

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