Create expense credit cards in Admin settings

Why is this important?

Even more detailed reporting! Job ready knows you will likely have multiple credit cards that you use on a regular basis to get job seekers set up for work. These credit cards could even be owned by specific individuals or teams. Setting up a credit card list, in admin settings, lets your staff record the specific credit card an expense was paid on, when they create an expense. That means everything can be traced to the payment source directly without any confusion or wasted time. 


How it works

The credit cards that you create in Admin settings will be the options in the dropdown menu that users can select from when they create an expense. Note: Payment Type with 'Must select expense credit card' must be ticked in Payment Type admin settings for this dropdown menu to appear in an expense. See Create Payment Types in Admin Settings.


How to configure Credit Cards

In order to configure credit cards in dmin settings, you need to have completed the below steps:


Set up your own credit cards by following the below steps:

You will need:


  1. Click on the settings cog icon at the top of the Job Ready main menu to access Admin settings 
  2. Click on Expense Credit Card
  3. Click on +
  4. Enter the payment types details in the appropriate fields

    • Name of the credit card as it will appear when a user raises an expense
    • Internal code used to identity and track the credit card in Job Ready
    • Last 4 digits on the credit card number in order to verify the card
  5. Press Save.

View and edit Credit Cards

  • View the credit cards you have created by selecting the programme tab. A panel with the expense types with the following details will be displayed:

    CodeLast Four Digits
  • Edit the credit card record by selecting the pencil button under the Action column.
  • Delete the credit card record by selecting the rubbish bin button under the Actions column.

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