JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 21/03/17

What's new in JobReady Live?
The following items were completed on the release:

Addition of Job ID in Placement display
As we now consolidate all Placements in the PPS tab, we've received feedback that Job Seekers are frequently placed upon jobs with similar titles. To ensure clarity, we have now added Job ID to distinguish between different jobs.

Inclusion of Education Placements to Claims Tracker
Education placements are now included in the Claims Tracker report.
This allows visibility to the newly imported Education Placements' claims.

Requirement to fill in PPS forms

Another item we've been receiving feedback about.

Previously, even if a user exits out of the form, it will still save the contact.
It is a mandatory action to fill in the forms launched by actioning a PPS contact, and the system will now check for its successful completion prior to saving a PPS contact. 

PPS Form Logic
In relation to the update above, we have allowed more flexibility in the PPS Forms.

The system will now allow checks on previous questions' responses to determine if a follow up question is necessary. This will allow you to only fill in questions where it's relevant and narrow down the information depending on a Job Seeker's needs.

Should you require adjustments to your current PPS forms in light of this update, please contact your JobReady administrator.

Relabelling of Job End to Placement End
To accommodate the inclusion of Education Placements, we have relabelled Job End to Placement End.
This is intended to avoid confusion as Education Placements are not exactly Jobs.

Display Placement Ended by on the Placement screen
The system now records and displays whom a Placement is ended by.
You can hover over the question mark next to the End Date to show this.

Ability to stop PPS Schedule
A PPS schedule is normally stopped upon a job completion or removal of the date.
This feature further emphasizes it by adding a checkbox to stop a PPS schedule.
A Note will also be created upon saving.

Ability to Filter by Job Seeker ID from the PPS Index page
A new filter has been added to find PPS records by Job Seeker ID.

Removal of link to Supplier on Expenses index page
It has come to our attention that users often expect clicking on the Supplier to display the Expense, therefore we have removed this link. You can access the Expense by clicking on the View icon.

Bugfix: Case Manager filter on Job Seeker
Previously, the Case Manager on Job Seekers index page was not displaying the correct results. This has now been amended.

That concludes this week's release notes.


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