JobReady.Live Weekly Release - 06/03/17

What's new in JobReady Live?
The following items were completed on the release:

Consolidation of Placement and Job Seeker notes in the activity stream
Previously, Job Seeker and Placement notes are separated by tab.

They are now displayed under the same tab. This is done to ensure clarity and efficiency of note display, one of which is to tackle the feedback that some notes are missing while they actually were created against the Placement.

Include all Placements on PPS records display
The PPS panel in the Placements screen will now show contacts for all Placements against the Job Seeker.
For example, if the Job Seeker was employed as a Production Worker, completed/exited the placement and is placed again on another job, this will now be displayed.

To accommodate for this change, the Placement info is now displayed in the PPS panel.

Ability to update attachment tags
It is now possible to update existing tags on an attachment.
This will come in handy when you've mistakenly entered a tag, or wish to add another tag.

New filter for Job Seeker Stream

It is now possible to filter Job Seekers by stream.

Ability to select Claim Stage for PPS contact
Upon actioning a PPS, it is now mandatory to select a Claim Stage of which the PPS record is related to.

New filter for Vacancy Created On
A new filter is now available for Vacancy Created On.

New setting for PPS: Indigenous
It is now possible to set a frequency specifically for Indigenous Job Seekers.

New filter for Placement : Placement Type
It is now possible to filter for Placement Type in the following pages:

  • Placement
  • PPS Record
  • PPS Tracker
  • Outcome Tracker

Import of Referrals BDF
Referral info is now captured in JobReady.Live.
Vacancy records will now have referral details displayed against them.

Import of Education Placements
Education placements are displayed as such:

  • The format of the title is: "Job Seeker (Activity ID) @ Institution name"
  • An activity details panel denotes the information about the Activity

  • It is now possible to select Education placements as a Claim Stage when actioning PPS.
  • As mentioned last week, the Outcome Tracker page will now track Education Placements.
  • Education Placements are now included in the Wage Subsidy expense creation.

    Prevention of the creation of Expenses against Company records
    Occasionally, when a Supplier record is input with an ESS Identifier, it may get overwritten by the BDF and become an Employer. Restrictions have been made to prevent this from happening and affected records will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    That concludes our release notes.

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