Job Ready Release Notes (05/04/2022)

Hi everyone. 

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.


A summary of what's changed...

  • New filters have been added for the All Job Seekers and All Placements index pages.
  • The behaviour for Referral Result Status filter has been changed.
  • The ability to export "Excluding GST" data to CSV from the All Expenses index page has been added.
  • Global Search now supports searching for phone numbers in Global Phone Number Standard.
  • Job Seekers are now able to confirm receipt of goods for Job Seeker Reimbursement expenses.
  • A new flag for "Goods Received" is now visible on Job Seeker Reimbursement expenses.
  • Referral ID, Vacancy ID and Activity ID are now exportable to CSV from the Outcome Tracker.

New Filters for the All Job Seekers and All Placements index pages

A number of new filters have been added to Job Ready. These include:

All Job Seekers Index Page

  • Appointment Date
  • Appointment Result
  • Previous Education Outcome? (Yes/No)


All Placements Index Page

  • Outcome Exists for Same Employer
  • ABN same as any previous placement? (Yes/No)


Referral Result Status Filter

The behaviour for Referral Result Status on the All Placements Index Page has changed. The filter is now multi-select, so multiple Referral Result Statuses can be included in your filter set.


New column in All Expenses Export

A column for Excluding GST has been added to the exportable CSV from the All Expenses Index Page. This column will display the total cost of an expense, excluding GST.

Search by Phone Number in Global Search

You can now search for Job Seeker, Company, and Contact phone numbers using Job Ready Global Search. Phone numbers must be searched using the Global Phone Number Standard with no spaces. For example: +61290185525.

This feature only works for Australian phone numbers (+61).

Job Seeker Confirmation of Goods Received

Job Seekers can now confirm whether they've received goods for a Job Seeker Reimbursement expense. Where the Expense Payment Type is Job Seeker Reimbursement and the Invoice Amount is greater than 0, an email will be sent to the Job Seeker with a unique link to confirm the receipt of goods. A follow-up email will be sent after 2 days if the Job Seeker has not actioned the email.

The system email can be configured in Admin Settings > System Email Templates.


 Goods Received Flag on Expense

Additionally, a new field has been added to Job Seeker Reimbursement expenses. The flag Goods Received in the Invoice Details panel will appear when:

  • A Job Seeker confirms receipt of goods through the link provided to them in the email detailed above; or
  • An Expense Master Editor ticks the Goods Received flag when editing Invoice Details.


New Columns in Outcome Tracker Export

Referral ID, Vacancy ID and Activity ID can now be exported to CSV from the Outcome Tracker.


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