Job Ready Release Notes (17/05/2022)

Hi everyone,

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

A summary of what's changed...

Job Ready Emails now support HTML

Email functionality in Job Ready just got an upgrade! You can now customise your templates in a number of new ways, including text size, colour, text alignment, hyperlinks, ordered and unordered lists, and indents. 

Changes to Outcome Start Date Override for Stream A Volunteers [jobActive]

The behaviour for overriding the Outcome Start Date on a Placement for Stream A Volunteers in the jobActive Programme has changed. For Stream A Volunteers, overriding the Outcome Start Date will give two options to select from:

  • Placement Start Date
  • Placement Start Date + 14 days

New Filters for All Job Seekers and All Expenses Index Pages

The following filters have been added to index pages in Job Ready:

All Job Seekers

  • Claim Due Date >= To Current Phase Start Date? (Yes/No)
    This shows all placements where the claim due date is equal to or greater than the current phase start date.

All Expenses

  • Import of Payments Date? (Yes/No)
    This shows expenses that are missing an Import of Payments value in the invoice panel.

New "Customer Coordinator" Merge Field for Files Library Forms

A Customer Coordinator merge field has been added for use with Files Library Forms. When you download a Files Library PDF form, you can now merge the customer coordinator data of the Job Seeker record into your form. Contact Job Ready Support for assistance on adding this to your forms.

Changes to Professional Services Staff selection when creating a Program Referral

Previously, any Job Ready User that was listed as a Professional Services Staff member could be selected when creating a new Program Referral - this included Users that were marked as Inactive. The behaviour has now changed so that only Professional Services Staff that are Active can be selected when creating a new Program Referral.

Changes to 4 Week Claim due date for Payslip Verified Claims

Where a 4 Week Claim is Payslip Verified we have changed the due date to be 42 days from the Placement Start Date, up from the previous logic of 28 days. This is to support Government guidelines to allow Job Seekers sufficient time to self declare their earnings.

The previous logic will continue to be used for Claims that are not Payslip Verified.

Added support for Expense Creation [NEIS]

Expenses can now be created, edited, and viewed for Job Seekers in the NEIS Programme. Additional expense types can be created for the NEIS Programme under Admin Settings > Expense Types. All NEIS expenses are Non-Employment Fund.

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