Job Ready Release Notes (31/05/2022)

Hi everyone,

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

A summary of what's changed...

Email and Note Templates can now be restricted by Programme

You can now select Programmes for your Email and Note Templates. As shown below, a list of Programmes will be available for you to select when creating or editing a Template in Admin Settings

By default, all existing templates will have all available Programmes enabled. You can change this by editing your existing templates.

Please note:

  • For template Types with a Programme association (i.e. Job Seeker, Placement), having no Programme selected will make the template invisible to all Users.
  • Some template Types do not have a Programme association. This includes templates for Employers, Leads and Vacancies. These templates will show up for all Users when creating notes or emails for these records, regardless of Programme selection.

Second-level Approval for Expense Payment Types

Previously, Job Ready allowed Admin Users to set whether an Expense Type requires second-level approval. We have extended this functionality to Expense Payment Types. The option will be available when editing or creating an Expense Payment Type in Admin Settings > Expense Payment Types.

Audit Trail Improvements for Claim and Expense Records

We have made changes to how the Audit Trail behaves for Claim and Expense Records in Job Ready. When deleting a document from either a Claim or an Expense Record:

  • The upload log will remain in the audit trail, indicating when the file was originally uploaded; and
  • A destroy log will be added to the audit trail, indicating when a file was deleted from the record.

New Filters added to Job Ready

The following filters have been added to Job Ready Index Pages:

All Placements

On the All Placements Index Page, Users can now filter for Average Hours Per Week for all DES and jobActive phases (i.e. DES 4 Week, jobActive 4 Week). Additionally, Users can also filter for Total Hours Worked for the Week 4 period for DES and jobActive. 

Users can enter a range to search for all Placements that meet the criteria. 


A filter for 1st Grouping has been added to the All Reminders Index Page. This filter allows users to search for reminders based on Region as defined in Admin Settings. A column for 1st Grouping has been added to the Index Page and is now included in the CSV export.

Reverse Marketing Activities

Users can now filter by Next Contact Date on the Reverse Marketing Activities Index Page. The filter allows you to search for all Reverse Marketing Activities with a Next Contact Date between a specified date range.

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