Job Ready Release Notes (16/06/2022)

Hi everyone,

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

A summary of what's changed...


New Workforce Australia Updates

Workforce Australia Programme now available

Job Ready has now enabled the Workforce Australia Programme for relevant providers. You will now be able to:

  • Enable the Workforce Australia Programme in User profiles
  • Create Job Ready assets for Workforce Australia, including communication and note templates, tags, and Smart Forms
  • Report on Workforce Australia data from all Index Pages
  • Create manual Job Seekers
  • Create manual Placements
  • Create Expenses
  • Create Vacancies

Employment Fund and Progress Payments are still in progress. We will advise when these are ready to test in your environments. Stay tuned!

Transition Caseloads data is now live in Job Ready

The data import for providers that have provided Job Ready with their Transition Caseload Reports (SUB458) is now complete and live.

Claim Status Change Reasons can be created by Programme

Admins, when creating Additional Info Required Reasons, CCU Rejected Reasons, and Department Rejected Reasons, can now select the Programme the reason is applicable to. A reason with Programme restrictions can be selected when the Job Seeker Programme associated with a claim matches with the change reason.

Semester Start and End Dates are now available on DES Education Placements

Education DES Placements will now display semester start and end dates in the Activity Details panel of the Placement record. This does not apply to DES Placements with a Placement Type of Vacancy and Education. 

New Filters for Job Ready Index Pages

New filters have been added to Job Ready for reporting.

All Job Seekers

Has Placement? (Yes/No): Allows a Job Ready user to filter for all Job Seekers with or without Placements.

Placements Current Claim State: Allows the User to filter for Job Seekers that have a Claim in a particular Claim State.

Placements Current Claim Type: Allows the User to filter for Job Seekers that have a Claim with a specified Claim Type.

Has Placement? (Yes/No): View Job Seekers with or without a Placement.

All Placements

Claim due date is within 20 days of the current Phase date? (Yes/No): View Placements with a Claim Due Date within 20 days of the current phase's Start Date.

New Customer Coordinator Merge Field for Email Templates

A new Customer Coordinator merge field has been added for use in Job Ready Email Templates. You can find the new merge field under the Job Seeker tab in the merge field menu.

New Supplier Paid Date Permission

A new permission has been added to restrict updating Supplier Paid Dates. From now on, only users with the permission pictured below can update the Supplier Paid Date on expenses.

Please note: if you have the Expense Master Editor permission enabled, and Supplier Paid Date unticked, you will still be able to edit the Supplier Paid Date. This permission takes precedence over the "Can update supplier paid date" permission.


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