Job Ready - Domestic Knowledgebase/API Access

This article will cover how to log in to the Knowledge base and access the Help Articles located there. 



The Knowledge Base contains an ever-expanding plethora of Support Articles, as well as access to our Ticketing Management System for support-based enquiries, as well as access to our Community Page, a discussion area that can be used to provide feedback and offer suggestions to benefit the product.

Our Development Release Notes are also posted here after each release.

The Knowledge Base can be accessed by opening the following link:

Once you are on the page, there is the option to create a new account by selecting Sign Up on the top right-hand side of the window:

This will take you to our Sign-Up page where initial account creation takes place.

Note, it is important for our records and your convenience that you try and match:

  • Your Full Name, so that there are no issues generating a correct profile
  • The Company Email that you make use of with us, allows us to automatically allocate you to your company profile

Fill out the details within the page provided:

You should receive a confirmation email, once accepted the provided link should take you to a log-in page with a message Successfully Registered that should appear, indicating your information has been accepted.

Note: If you receive a message such as EMAIL ALREADY TAKEN, you may already have an account created. Please attempt the Forgot your password process, and if unsuccessful, contact Support.

Click the provided link to continue to the Account Activation step.

In this area, confirm your:

  • Full Name

  • Desired Password - Must contain a capitalised letter, letter, number and special character as well as be over 11 characters

Please Note - If you do not receive an Activation Email, contact Support.

With this done, you have access to the Knowledge Base.


Our API documentation can be accessed via adding /api on the end of your product URL, for example:

This is available for users of all permission level, not just limited to admins.

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