Job Ready Release Notes (30/06/2022)

Hi everyone,

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

Commitment and Reimbursement XML updated to meet Workforce Australia Requirements

We have made some changes to the Commitment and Reimbursement XML exported from Job Ready and accommodated for changes in the ESS Output XML. 

  • The Tax Invoice Certification for Workforce Australia exports has been updated in line with DESE guidelines.
  • The Import facility in Job Ready now supports the change from the Payment ID field (this was previously known as Claim ID).
  • Employment Fund Codes for Workforce Australia are now supported by the Commitment and Reimbursement facility.

Employment Fund Expense Types have been added to Job Ready for Workforce Australia

All Workforce Australia Employment Fund Expense Types are now live in Job Ready. You will now be able to raise expenses with these Expense Types and create Commitments and Reimbursements for these Expenses. Admin Users can review, but not change, the Expense Types under Expense Types in Admin Settings. 

New JSCI Bandwidths and Claim Rates Added for Workforce Australia

The introduction of two new JSCI Bandwidths as part of the Workforce Australia roll-out have impacted claim rates. A new field for JSCI Bandwidth has been added to the ESS Data Panel for all Workforce Australia Job Seeker records and claim rates have been updated to the following:


Partial - Moderate JSCI Score

Partial -  High JSCI Score

Full- Moderate JSCI Score

Full- High JSCI Score

4 week





12 week





26 week





Audit Trail for Ongoing Support Claims now shows Note information

In our May 31 release, we implemented improvements to the Audit Trail for Claim and Expense records. We have expanded on these changes to include the creation, edit, and deletion of Notes in Claim records.

  • When a note is created or edited on a Claim record, an Update event will be recorded on the Audit Trail
  • When a note is deleted, a Destroy event will be recorded
  • When a deleted note is restored, a Restore event will be recorded.

Progress Fee Functionality Added to Job Ready

Progress Fee Claims for Workforce Australia Job Seekers can now be added from a Job Seeker record. In the Claims section of a Job Seeker record, you can click on + Progress Payment to manually create a Progress Payment claim. The claim generated will always be $750.00 inc. GST. The due date will automatically default to today's date but can be edited at any time.

The claims that are generated can be submitted to CCU and accessed from the CCU Inbox and All Claims index pages.

Finance Statuses can now be edited in Admin Settings

Finance Statuses for expenses can now be edited in Admin Settings. To add a new Finance Status, go to Admin Settings > Finance Statuses and click the button. A modal will appear for you to add a new Status, as shown below:

Please note that any Finance Status already in the system with an expense associated cannot be edited or deleted from Admin Settings.

New Audit Trail for Note Template Changes 

We are working on providing more visibility on changes made within Admin Settings. In this release, we have added an Audit Trail for changes to Note Templates, with more changes to come soon.

A Show Changes button will now be displayed next to all Note Templates in Admin Settings. Clicking this button will open the Audit Trail modal, where you can see:

  • The date a Note Template was changed
  • What action was taken
  • The changes made
  • Who made the changes

New Filters added to All Job Seekers and All Placements List Pages 

The following filters have been added to index pages in Job Ready:

All Job Seekers

Claim Due Date: Allows the user to filter Job Seekers with a past or future Claim Due Date relative to today.

All Placements

DES Period of Service: Allows a user to filter for DES Participants with a period of service between a range of weeks.

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