How to Generate Transition to Work Subscriptions for Job Ready

Hello providers! Workforce Australia is now Live. Your respective Transition To Work subscriptions have been made available in ESS.

This means you can start syncing: 

  • Jobseekers  

  • Appointments  

  • Vacancies

  • Payment Claims

  • Employers

  • Placements

How to provide subscriptions to Job Ready 


This guide will instruct you on how to create the below Subscriptions for the Workforce Australia programme.  

SUB465 - Transition to Work Services 2022 Caseload - TTW6

SUB480 - Transition to Work Services 2022 Appointments 

SUB469 - TTW Vacancies

SUB477 - TTW Payments Claims

SUB507 - TTW Employers

SUB473 - TTW6 Referral

SUB499 - TTW6 Outcome Tracking Placements

How to create a subscription  

You will need:

  • Workforce Australia (WA) Programme enabled in your Job Ready site

  • ESP access in ESS web: Ensuring your reporting role is set to 'ESP' for that specific programme

  1. Login to ECSN, and click on 'Employment Services Reporting'

  2. Select Reports from the main menu.

  3. In the search bar under Reports, search for the Subscription Code you desire to subscribe to.

    Jobseekers (Also known as Caseload)AppointmentsVacancies
    Payments Claims
    Outcome Tracking Placements
    SUB465SUB480 Sub469

  4. Click on the Sonar icon of the desired subscription report.

  5. Select the filters corresponding to the desired subscription. The table below lists the filters you will need to select for each subscription. The must be exactly as the below table, for the report to work in Job Ready. 

    SUB465 - Transition to Work Services 2022 Caseload - TTW6SUB480 - Transition to Work Services 2022 Appointments Sub469 TTW Vacancies
    Sub477 TTW Payments Claims
    Sub507 TTW Employers

    SUB473 Referral

    SUB499 Outcome Tracking Placements

    "Region: All Selected"

    "Sites: All Selected"

    “Sites: All Selected" 

    "Rolling Range Or Exact Range: “ “Rolling Range" 

    "Rolling Range: All Available"

    1"Sites: All Selected"

    2"Vacancy Status: All Selected"

    3"Vacancy Type: All Selected"

    4"Report Period: Vacancy Creation Date"

    5"Rolling Range Or Exact Range: Rolling Range"

    6"Rolling Range: All Available"

    1 "Region: ALL"

    2 "Site: All Selected"

    3 "Payment Status: All Selected"

    4 "Payment Rate Type: All Selected"

    5 "Report Period: Payment Creation Date"

    6 "Report Date Range: Rolling Range"

    7"Rolling Range: All Available"

    ORG: select_all

    Site: select_all

    Employer Status: all

    Report Period: creation_date

    Rolling Range: all_avaliable 

    Timing: daily

    "Sites: All Selected"

    "Site Type: S"

    "Vacancy Status: All Selected"

    "Vacancy Type: All Selected"

    "Report Period: Referred Date"

    "Rolling Range Or Exact Range: Rolling Range"

    "Rolling Range: All Available"

    "Sites: All Selected"

    "Rolling Range: All Available"

  6. Enter your organisation's details, and in the Subscription name field enter the name in the following format:

    <subscriptioncode>-JOBREADY-<Provider Name>-DDMMYYYY

  7. Click on View Report. 

  8. Once the success message appears confirming the creation, navigate back to the ESR homepage.
  9. After creating and renaming your Subscription, navigate to your JobReady Application URL and visit the Admin -> Ess Subscriptions page.

  10. Locate the Subscription Type for the report just created and click the Edit button.

  11. Select the entry matching the Name of the Report just created and click save.

Note: The data will not be available until the next data sync overnight.

More information about the ESS Self-Service functionality can be found here - ESS Self-Service: Managing Subscriptions in Job Ready

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