Job Ready Release Notes (13/07/2022)

Hi everyone,

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

A summary of what's changed...

Employment Fund Expense dropdown menu options for Assistance Type Codes

After receiving some appreciated feedback we have designed a drop-down display box for the employment fund option in the expense creation menu.

Only the specific codes related to the type of expense will be available.

For further information on the codes and their categories please see - Workforce Australia Industry & Assistance Expense Type Codes

New Audit Trail for Tag Changes in Admin Settings

Key feedback we have received includes transparency of Admin changes within Job Ready product. We have been implementing an audit history of key changes to features and settings. In this release, we have implemented an Audit Trail for key changes to Tags.

Much like the Note Templates Audit Trail from our last release, a Show Changes button will now be displayed next to all Tags added in Admin Settings. Clicking this button will show the Audit Trail, as pictured below.

New Filters Added to All Job Seekers List Page

The following filters have been added to the All Job Seekers List Page:

JSCI Bandwidth

This is a new filter for JSCI data with a drop-down for moderate and high options. This further expands the reporting functionality of Job Ready and will diversify the data extracted from Job Seeker profiles.

Voluntary Activity Test Requirements

This multi-select filter allows users to filter for Job Seekers based on their Voluntary Activity Test requirements. All selectable options are displayed below.

New Filters added to All Placements List Page

The following filters have been added to the All Placements List Page:

Job Seeker Transitioning To (Programme)

This filter will record Jobseekers who are transitioning between one program and another from the placements Index page.

The filter will house a drop-down menu that will have all available programmes listed.


This feature is validated via the Job Seeker profile data.

Has Previous Placement? (Yes/No)

This filter will record Jobseekers who have had a placement previously via the Placements Index page. The filter uses a drop-down menu interface identical to other Yes/No filters.

Current Claim Outcome Type

This multi-select filter allows a User to filter for Placements with a Current Claim Outcome Type of Full, Partial, At Risk, or Zero. 

Current Outcome Claim

This filter allows a User to filter for Placements tracking toward a specified Outcome Claim. All available Claim Types, based on individual User permissions, can be selected for use with the filter.

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