Where to find your Outlet ID in ESS

As a part of the new Expense Export to XML process, Outlet ID is now a new required field that needs to be included for each expense item on the XML. Outlet ID is a new field that has been created as a part of Workforce Australia that can be found within your Provider Hub.

To find your Outlet ID for successful ESS Commitment upload, please follow the below steps within ESS.

  1. From the new ESS Home Page, find the Provider Hub Menu.
  2. Once you are in the Provider Hub, follow the Quick Link to the Outlet Search.
  3. Within the Outlet Search, select Advanced Search to show your results with the below criteria:
    1. Organisation: Your Provider Name
    2. Contract Type: Workforce Australia
    3. Contract Round: 6
    4. Contract Status: Approved
    5. Region or Area: Successful Regions for your Contract
  4. This will provide you with a full list of Sites and Regions with the Outlet ID as the first column.

Once you have access to your list of Outlet IDs, you can use these to enter into JobReady by entering into the Site List - Outlet ID field.

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