How to add Outlet ID to your Site List

For the new Workforce Australia Expense XML export, Outlet ID is a new required field that needs to be produced for your xml to be uploaded successfully into ESS. See the following link on how to find your Outlet ID within ESS.

To upload your Outlet ID into JobReady, you must first be an Admin with access to the Admin Settings.

As an Admin, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Click Admin Settings using the cog in the top left hand menu of JobReady
  2. Scroll down to Site List and click the sub menu item
  3. Once your site list has loaded, find the relevant site and click edit
  4. within this popup screen, you will see a field input for Outlet ID, enter the ID listed from ESS into this field and click save.
  5. Once you have saved your Outlet ID, your expenses will export this value for your XML to be uploaded to ESS.

If you experience any errors throughout your upload process to ESS, please let our support team know using the specific error that you received from ESS.

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