Job Ready Release Notes (27/07/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest development updates.

A summary of what's changed...

Admin Settings can now be filtered by Search Terms

We have now added a search bar to the top of the Admin Settings menu. Adding search terms to this field will filter the available Admin Settings down to the closest matches for your search term. You can also press on your keyboard to quickly access this search field if there are no other text fields or modals focused.

Some common phrases and abbreviations are also supported. For example, you can type "JS" for Job Seeker related settings and "Finance" for all Finance related settings.

We are continuing to rapidly implement changes to Job Ready in line with the introduction of Workforce Australia. To make Work Related Training and Licensing Expenses easier to raise, we have changed the Industry Type field from free-text to a drop-down menu with all Industry Types and their codes available to select.

New Filters for JSCI Bandwidth on All Placements Index Page, Support Tracker and Outcome Tracker

You can now filter for Placements on the All Placements Index Page, the Support Tracker and the Outcome Tracker based on the Job Seeker's JSCI Bandwidth.

Job Plan Review Date filter for All Job Seekers Index Page

You can now filter Job Seekers on the All Job Seekers Index Page based on their Job Plan Review Date. The Job Plan is calculated by:

  • The Job Plan Status Date + 26 weeks, or;
  • The current Phase Start Date + 26 weeks
    • Whichever is later.

Support Settings for Moderate and High JSCI

Support Settings can now be defined for Workforce Australia Placements. Admin Users can now define the Support Settings for both JSCI Moderate and JSCI High under Admin Settings > Support Settings

All new Workforce Australia Placements will have their Support Frequency set based on the values defined by these settings as default.

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