Job Ready Release Notes (25/08/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Queries functionality added to Placement records

We're pleased to see how valuable the Queries Kanban has been for our Users. To further enhance this feature, we've made it possible to create and store Queries against Placement records. The new Queries tab on a Placement record functions in the same way as Job Seeker record Queries. 

Closed Queries will now fall off the Kanban after 7 days

To improve your experience, we have limited the view of the Closed column to only show Queries that have been closed in the last seven days. 

Job Ready now supports additional Privacy and Consent Forms on the Job Seeker portal, including programme-specific support. Please contact Job Ready Support if you would like to update your Privacy and Consent Forms.

"Stream" replaced with "JSCI Bandwidth" for Workforce Australia records

All mentions of Stream in Job Ready for Workforce Australia records have now been changed to JSCI Bandwidth. The All Job Seekers index page now has a JSCI Bandwidth column.

Stream information will continue to be available on the ESS Data Panel.

Improvements to ETRAN expenses

You can now select Advanced Purchase and specify a number of items when creating a Transport (ETRAN) expense. This option will be unavailable where the Assistance Type Code is Driver's License (DRILC).

Changes to PPS Quest Form Tags

The tags to configure PPS Support forms for Workforce Australia placements have been changed to neptune-wa-jobseeker and neptune-wa-employer. Selecting Job Seeker or Employer from the Who Contacted drop-down menu when actioning support will determine which form is displayed for PPS Support.

Region and Created By information added to All Employers Index Page and CSV

Two new columns, Region and Created By, have been added to the All Employers Index Page. These columns will show the region an Employer is in and who created the Employer record. This data can also be exported to CSV. 


  • Fixed an issue where reports using the Current User option for certain filters were being exported as blank CSV files.
  • The option to send bulk emails to a list of contacts, where no contact in the list had a valid email address, has been removed.

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