Job Ready Release Notes (16/11/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Found Own Employment information added for Sub470 and Sub466 [Workforce Australia]

It was found that ESS was no longer providing Found Own Employment data in their subscriptions. The ESS team has since added the data back into Sub470 and Sub466 and we have updated our code to reflect these changes.

Update to "Due On" Filter on the All Reminders Index Page

The "Due On" Filter on the All Reminders Index Page has been updated to allow users to filter Reminders by the following criteria:

  • A custom date range, achievable by selecting Custom Period from the dropdown menu
  • X days relative to today, by selecting Relative From Today from the dropdown menu.

Functionality expanded for Quest Form Job Match Attributes

The functionality to turn Quest Form answers into Job Match Attributes has been expanded to the multi-select element.

New Filters to track Resume Upload dates [Product idea!]

A Latest Resume File Upload Date filter has been added to the All Job Seekers Index Page to help monitor the currency of these documents.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Finance Users from creating Saved Searches on all index pages.
  • An issue causing a Job Seeker Reimbursement confirmation page to display the "We are sorry, the link has either expired or is invalid" message when a Job Seeker actions the email link from Outlook has been resolved.
  • Case Managers will no longer be assigned to incorrect Job Seekers. This issue was found in the Caseload import process and should now be rectified.
  • General stability improvements have been made to the Alerts dashboard.

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