Job Ready Release Notes (30/11/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Account Activity password information improved

The Account Activity panel now includes audit details for the following circumstances:

  • When a user changes their password
  • When a user is locked out from the Job Ready system after too many incorrect password attempts

New Outcome Type Filter for Support Tracker

The Support Tracker now has a filter allowing users to filter for Placements with specified Outcome Types for the most recent or current claim.

New Program filters for All Claims Index Page [DES]

The Program filter on the All Claims Index Page has been split into two new filters. Users can now filter by both Placement Program and Job Seeker Program separately.

Preferred Name merge field added to SMS and Email Templates

Users can now add the Preferred Name merge field into SMS and Email Templates for use in correspondence. Where the Preferred Name field for a Job Seeker is blank, the merge field will instead pull the Job Seeker's First Name. 

Improvements to Eligibility Questionnaires for Program Referrals

Quest Forms that are filled out as part of an Eligibility Assessment for Program Referrals will now be saved on a Job Seeker's record under the Forms section. 

New User Permission created for the management of Query Types

A new User Permission, can manage query types, has been added to Job Ready. This permission is a multi-select menu which allows Admin users to manage specifically what kinds of query a user can help manage. The User will only be able to make changes to Queries on the Queries Kanban that match their permissions.

Requirement for Document Attachments when submitting Progress Payments to CCU removed

The requirement to add an attachment when submitting a Progress Payment to CCU has been removed. This is in line with feedback noting that document attachment is not a requirement for these Claims.

Quest Formatting Improvements

The following improvements have been made to Quest Forms:

  • Radio Buttons can now be organised either vertically or horizontally
  • The Checkbox element is now aligned correctly with text
  • The Signature element is aligned more appropriately


  • Fixed an issue causing Claims to be duplicated if a record contained no ESS ID when syncing from BDF.
  • Resolved an issue preventing some Sub520 Placements from syncing to Job Ready if there is no data available for the centrelink_outcome_started_on field.
  • Employers will no longer appear in the Supplier Name dropdown menu when creating an Expense.
  • Removed the blank option in the Status filter on the All Vacancies Index Page. This option was an unintended consequence of selecting the blank option from the Status dropdown menu when creating a Vacancy.
  • An issue where, in some instances, Permissible Break evidence documents could not be uploaded in the modal has been fixed.
  • All mentions of "WFA" in the Global Search have been updated to "Workforce Australia".
  • An issue preventing more than 10 sites from appearing under a Site Grouping on the DES Alerts Report has been resolved.

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