Job Ready Release Notes (13/12/2022)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Health Referrals and Sessions Report

A new Health Referrals and Sessions Report has been added to the Reports section of Job Ready. The report includes information about:

  • Total Referrals: The total number of Health Referrals in Job Ready
  • With Referrals: The number of Commenced Job Seekers with at least one Health Referral where the status is Eligible or Approved
  • With Referrals & No Session: The number of Commenced Job Seekers with at least one Health Referral, where the status is Eligible or Approved and there are currently no Sessions booked
  • Without Referrals: The number of Commenced Job Seekers without a Health Referral.

This report can be filtered by Site Grouping, Site, and Programme. Click on data with hyperlinks to be taken to the relevant Index Page for more information. 


Improvements to the Alerts Dashboard

The Alerts Dashboard has been overhauled to improve your experience.

The Alerts dashboard can now:

  • Be dynamically filtered by User
  • Be filtered by Alert priority (either critical, priority, or Business as Usual).
  • Be filtered based on search queries

For more information about changes to the Alerts dashboard, read our Custom Alerts Dashboard Overview Article here.

Changes to Do Not Use filter on the All Employers Index Page

The "Exclude Do Not Use" filter has been renamed to "Do Not Use". The behaviour of this new filter is as follows:

  • When Yes is selected, Employers with the Do Not Use checkbox ticked will not display in the results
  • When No is selected, Employers marked as Do Not Use will show in the results.

Automatic cancellation of Appointments behaviour updates

The rule that allowed Appointments for Program Referrals to automatically cancel for DES Job Seekers during a phase change has been removed. Additionally, Appointments will now only automatically cancel if a Job Seeker's status updates to suspended.

Queries can now be moved directly to Closed from Additional Info Required

Users with the Can Manage Queries permission can now move Queries directly from Additional Info Required to Closed. This bypasses the requirement for the original requestor to reply to the query, particularly in cases where a Query is resolved verbally or moved to Additional Info Required in error.


  • Saved searches using the Current User parameter will no longer cause the Alerts dashboard to break.
  • Finance Users will no longer receive a "you are not authorised to perform this action" error when using the Global Search.
  • Fixed an issue where Placement End note templates could cause ending a Placement to fail.
  • The Support button in the bottom-right corner of Job Ready will no longer obscure the page navigation on Global Search.
  • The age for sensitive Job Seekers (Job Seekers whose identifiable information is required to be obscured) will now display as "nil" rather than calculating based on the date of birth.
  • With the name and functionality change of the "Exclude do not use" filter, issues related to this filter are now resolved.
  • An issue causing Ongoing Support claims to generate in error has been resolved.

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