Job Ready Release Notes (24/01/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Export Quest Form Submissions as CSV

Functionality has been added to Quest to export form submissions as a CSV. To export, click on the Submissions number next to any form, select the submissions you would like to Export, then click on Export Submissions at the top of the screen. If no submission is selected, then all submissions for the form will be exported.

For more information on this feature, please contact the Job Ready Support team.

Restriction on Qualification Code when selecting a Professional Services Staff member for an activity removed [DES]

When creating Professional Services Activities for DES Participants, all Professional Services Staff members will be eligible for selection.

New Filters for Professional Service Activities index page

The following multi-select filters have been added to the Professional Service Activities index page:

  • Appointment Status - allows Users to filter for records based on the Appointment Status.
  • Job Seeker Region - allows Users to filter for records based on the Second Level Site Grouping of the Job Seeker. Note that the naming convention of this filter, and whether it's visible in your instance of Job Ready, are dependent on your organisation's configuration.
  • Job Seeker Programme - filters for records based on Job Seeker Programme.

Improvements to Activity Creation (Professional Services Referrals)

The following improvements have been made to Activity Creation.

The Activity Creation modal has been changed to show the calculated cost of the Activity while creating it. Additionally, the selectable duration on the modal has been changed to a drop-down menu of 30 minute increments, or a Custom option, which will open a new field to enter an integer into.

Activities table on the Job Seeker Record

The Activities table on a Job Seeker record will now display the expense amount for the session. 

New Filters for All Placements index page

The following filters have been added for use on the All Placements index page:

  • Placed after intervention within 12 months of Referral Creation Date - filters for Placements with a start date within 12 months of a Program Referral date for the Job Seeker, where the Program Referral is before the Placement Start Date.
  • Program Referral Creation Date - a date range filter that filters for all Placements where the most recent Program Referral falls within a specified date range.
  • Claimed claim type - filters for Placements where the selected Claim types have been claimed.
  • Placement state - filters for Placements in a specified State (i.e. New South Wales, Queensland).

New User Permission to manage access to SMS functionality

A new User Permission has been added for all Users that manages access to send SMS from Job Ready. The new permission, called "Can send SMS", will be enabled by default for all Users and can be unchecked at any time. 

Users without the Can send SMS permission will still be able to view sent and received SMS in Job Ready records.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Users to submit additional information when using a Form Note Template when a claim is in "Additional Info Required".
  • When using the "Tags" filter in Job Ready as part of a Saved Search or Alert, the filter will no longer change to "ALL selected" when any other option is selected.
  • An issue filtering by "Job Seeker State - None" on the Professional Service Activities index page has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Finance users from using the "Type" filter on the All Expenses index page.
  • [Esher House integration] The option to send Attitudinal Surveys via SMS when SMS functionality is turned off has been removed.
  • The "Next Diary Appointment Date" field under the Key Information panel on a Job Seeker record has been changed to "ESS Next Diary Appointment Date" to better reflect the purpose of this field.
  • Fixed an issue where Customer Support Plan reminders with an excessive number of characters would obscure the view of all other information and Action buttons in the table.
  • An issue causing only the first 25 Vacancies on an Employer record to display has been resolved.
  • Users with a Batch Access type of "None" will now receive a message that they are unauthorised to perform the action when they click on any hyperlink in the "Scanned Documents To Action" widget. 

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