Job Ready Release Notes (28/02/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes



Filter Alerts Dashboard by Site

Users will now have the ability to filter Alerts on the Alerts Dashboard by Site. The Alert count will change accordingly with the Sites selected from the dropdown menu.

New 'Employer Sub-Status' field for Employers

Track the status of your Employers in a way that makes sense to you with new Employer Sub-Statuses! 

To change an Employer Sub-Status, click on the button shown above in the Employer Details pane. Admin Users can set up Employer Sub-Statuses by going to Admin Settings > Employer Sub-Status. From there, simply click the button to add your own.

A new section has been added to National and Regional Employer records in Job Ready. The Related Organisations tab allows Users to group related Organisations together. To link an Employer to a Regional or National Employer, click on the + in the Related Organisations tab, then enter the Employer name. 

In order to access this feature, any non-Admin User must have the permissions to manage National and Regional Employers enabled in their User settings.

Set Default CCU Kanban Filters by User

Default filters can now be applied to CCU Members when working on the CCU Kanban. To set these default features, an Admin User will need to set their permissions in Admin Settings.

Additionally, CCU Members can be restricted from seeing all Claims excluding Claims assigned to them with the Default Mine Filter checkbox.


  • Fixed an issue with pagination in the Forms section of Job Seeker records. Additionally, Forms will now display in order from newest to oldest, rather than the other way around.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Quest Forms, Attitudinal Surveys, and Exercises from being sent via email due to the email modal missing the To, CC, and BCC fields.

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